At HartzStone we're passionate about tranforming, preserving and maintaining natural stone. Using only the most advanced technology, artisanship and products HartzStone is dedicated to restoring the innate luster and integrity of all of your natural surfaces. Our expertise lies in understanding the complexities inherent in the architecture of stone and how to provide the individual treatment and care each type demands. We pride ourselves on our ability to enhance stone's timeless beauty, enjoyment and longevity so that you can enjoy it for years to come.

clean   •   resurface   •   polish •   restore


Although most architectural stone is virtually indestructible, the appearance of all stone deteriorates over time from soil, wear, improper cleaning, harsh weather, pollution and numerous other hazards. Proper restoration increases an installation's lifespan and it's beauty. 

- Restoring a hard shine to stone. Polishing

- Cleaning and protective sealing new stone

- Marble, granite, agate and limestone

- Removing scratches and stains

- Removing urine stains and odor

- Stripping old waxes and chemicals

- Steam disinfecting stone, tile and concrete

- Slate, sandstone and fieldstone restoration

- Bathroom restoration

- Saltillo & Terra Cotta/Mexican tile 

- Terrazzo restoration

- Stone fireplace restoration

- Removing exterior moss, mildew

- Slip-resistance and sealers for porous stone

- Concrete restoration and finish application

- Grinding and honing stone. Lippage removal

- Stone conservation and carving

- Seashell, pebble and mosaics restoration

- Restoring sub-flooring

- Stone testing and certification

- Scheduled preventive maintenance



For more information on any of our services or if you have any questions please contact us.